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MVP Record Retrieval utilizes an industry-leading experience-driven process for every document retrieval. This process helps MVP minimize retrieval errors, eliminate costly lag times and ensures the medical and billing records you need make it to you quickly.

Every document retrieval we execute is grounded on these important principles:

  • Expertise: MVP's team of record retrieval specialists are experts at breaking through barriers that slow turnaround times. From the moment MVP receives a request until the moment the record is delivered to the client, our staff works tirelessly to ensure that every part of the document retrieval process works like a well-oiled machine. Most orders are delivered to clients in an average of 7-10 business days, or an average of 14 days for Kaiser facilities.
  • Information: MVP's efficiency rests on our database of detailed information for every medical record facility with which we interact. We know who handles medical records and billing at the facility, whether they need special direct authorization forms, and we even track office hours, lunch hours and regular days off. When there is a hang up that stalls a request, we immediately know who to contact and how to get your record retrieval request moving again.
  • Accuracy: MVP's customer service is second to none in the record retrieval industry. We double and triple check client forms before submission to medical facilities in order to ensure they are error free and complete. Our staff often notifies clients of any problems within hours of receipt, instead of weeks like our competitors.
  • Convenience: MVP's dedicated electronic record retrieval system allows clients to access online status reports on record requests at every step of the process 24 hours a day. Status reports and delivery estimates on document retrieval requests are also always available by phone from MVP.

Numerous law firms, insurance companies and medical service providers nationwide have already discovered that it's just easier to use MVP. Contact us today to start streamlining your record retrieval process.

All work done in the USA - we don't outsource your work to an overseas vendor like many other record retrieval companies.