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Universal Authorizations

At MVP Record Retrieval, we know how important choosing the right authorization form can be. An incorrect or incomplete direct authorization form can sometimes add weeks or months to a record retrieval task, but our clients don't have the time to keep track of which authorization form is accepted by each medical facility or billing facility nationwide.

That's why we created a universal authorization form that streamlines record retrieval authorizations, cuts through the red tape that can delay document release and saves you time.

Our universal authorization form:

  • Is HIPAA-compliant
  • Meets appropriate California guideline
  • Provides requesters one easy form with which they can request records
  • Ensures that medical and billing facilities receive all information needed to release needed records with a single form
  • Works for nearly every large facility we service, including Kaiser facilities

Clients nationwide trust MVP Record Retrieval to help make fast and accurate document retrieval easier. Whether you need to settle a case, underwrite an insurance policy or just retrieve a document for research, contact us today to find out why it's easier to use MVP.

All work done in the USA - we don't outsource your work to an overseas vendor like many other record retrieval companies.